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Ready to Start

Arcade Fire- Ready to Start

So i just looked up the season 5 trailer for “Skins” and well its gonna be amazing LH. I just got series 4 on netflix and just waiting for it to go on instant play. This Saturday will be the day where i will watch series 3 of the show and in the mean time I’m gonna re-watch series 2 which is a depressing series. But this coming month (January) (U)Skins will be on and i will not be able to watch for i have no cable LHLH. but it will be alright i will find a way to watch it LH.

so yeah…

I decided to start fresh with everything and will have a layout up soon.

So i started break last week and so far its been horrible the only good part was when my sister surprised us and Christmas. So Thursday the day before break my sister surprises us at the pizza parlor. But she can only stay for like three days which sucks. not even long enough to do anything. Well she is coming back in April which is cool. She will be arriving in San Fransisco where we will stay for the day and come home the next which will be very cool and exciting. Then on our way home we will hit the beach. But again she will probably only be here for three days. I can not wait for her arrival

On Christmas morning we didn’t open our bur gift till ten in the morning which sucked and after opening them we had to put everything away and clean the house. Great way to start the morning right… Christmas morning LH. After we finished cleaning it was time for our family to come over for Christmas dinner. I love Christmas dinner, thanksgiving all over again LH. after dinner my cousin and i went to the park that was down the block. We were there for a while when it started to rain which was horrible so we had to run back home and when we got back we were already soaked LH. That was pretty much my Christmas Day. Wonderful yeah?