Monthly Archives: January 2011

Doing a bit… YEAH!

Its what I’ve been waiting for but now their is controversy over this new show and its like what the fuck yo! Why in the hell are your children up so late LH. But i don’t think this show will last very long in America because of the up tight douche bags LHLH. Stop letting T.V. raise your children and you start. Its ridiculous on how many people rely on TV or Hollywood actors or just people in general to raise and set a good example. I don’t think their is such a thing as a role model we all do bad things or just mistakes that make us difficult to look up to. If you are going to look up to someone don’t expect perfect from them and don’t fully look up to them look at one or two traits cause if you fully look up to them your gonna see issues. I but i don’t know if I make any sense at all but oh well right. I only bring this up because this show is getting a lot of shit because it shows the life of a teenager LH. This is how some teenagers live the teen years and i know a bit of people who do stuff like they do in this show. Well i really don’t care as long as they don’t fuck it up.


Miike Snow- Animal

I love this song! i bought this song soooo long ago and i got on my families laptop and I’m going through my Itunes and there it is. I have been hearing this song on a lot of shows lately, its good that they are getting discovered but it does suck cause it probably will get overplayed.

It is now the new year lets welcome 2011 cannot believe it.