Monthly Archives: February 2011

Did you make…

Up Your Mind!!
Well as you can see i got rid of that boring white and i now have this LHLH. Well what is this exactly? Well its a new Layout… KINDA???

Going to the snow today? Nope, I’m a bit disappointed that i couldn’t go to the snow today but there is always next week… yeah? But i can’t wait till march to go to SanFran and get my prima. Its gonna be a blast yo! But I can’t go unless I have good marks in all my classes, you know. So in all my classes I’m doing great except for Math, so I have to raise that grade up Lh, which shouldn’t be that hard Lh. In forensics we are doing 10pg research papers and i get to do my on Jeffrey Dahmer… [(faintly/sarcastically) Yaayy I'm so excited!], but hey this will be easy.

lina magic

I finished some awesome things on this website yo. LHLH. I just hope they will look good in IE, Safari, and Chrome. That’s the part i hate about when you are designing a website or using any code… will it work in all browsers LHLH. So i have to go through and make sure they do LH.

In march of the 31st I will be going to San Fran to pick up my aunt which is going to be so freakin’ awesome i have not seen her since November of 2009 year. So it has been awhile LHLH. It is to bad my sister won’t be coming though its been pretty boring with out her LhLH, but in time she will have to come visit home again LHLH.

Music Box

Ahh so I finally finished making my “music player” LHLH, I can’t really call it a music player because it is really just a youtube video in disguise. It took me a while to make this music player and the way i did it is kinda different and unusual to me. What makes me happy is i did this all on my own which is cool cause I usually resort to tutorials where i just copy an paste, but i did this one on my own. So here is what i did i got a song and made a video through windows and uploaded it through Youtube. I then took the code and stripped to just the embed code and change the size to just the play button. The picture was from Itunes after you buy the sing. After i edited the picture in photoshop i uploaded it into Freewebs (where i upload my pictures) and started to use some CSS magic to bring i all together LHLH. **Note if you are using any other web browser than Firefox you might find it funny looking considering i have not fixed it to look good in others.