Monthly Archives: March 2011

too deep, yeah

artist: Adele
song: Rolling in the Deep
album: 21

Created a new music player technique Lh. I like this one its a lot easier and requires less photoshop, well actually no photoshop LH only if i need to make an icon LHLH, but mostly it is just html, css, and youtube. i think this one is alot better in a sense LH the last one you couldn’t control much but this onw you can control the mute and timeline.

Wolf Like Shadow

Artist – Matt and Kim
Song – I’ll Take Us Home
Album – Grand

Almost here, yep,my aunt is coming in a couple of weeks. I’m so stoked, plus we get to pick her up in SanFran which is awesome. Were gonna spend the day up there then drive back home were the week we spend at the river and beach gonna be an awesome time LH. I really hope that my cousin will be able to go, but if not then i guess it will be cool Lh. And we are getting cable soon so we will have TV again which is great. Every body loves some TV LH. But i must say its been a nice break from TV.

Big Project

So that big project I was working on well… I finished it today. There were two different layouts I created and i choose the second one. It took me about three days for the first layout and the second layout took about a day. I was kinda of surprised that it took only a day for the second layout and not more. I suppose I can look at it as a rough draft and the second one the final, but the second one being totally different form the rough draft LH. Well here is a preview of the layout and I hope to be getting it up to wordpress soon


So I’m going to work on a new design which i will include into a new layout which might be put out for use. This layout is gonna be the big one that i do. I’m gonna put all i know and everything i do into this layout and it might take days, but i want this to be the best i ever do.