Monthly Archives: June 2011


Well, I’m going camping on Wednesday and I will be taking pictures plus I have some wonderful pictures of San Fran when i went with cousins awhile back. I have totally forgot about them so I’m stoked to be able to put them up.


I will also begin to finish writing the CSS article. This is really helping me remember and freshin’ up on my CSS and HTML so i hope this will help you to.

Adventure time!

Quick note, i got my braces on Thursday and so far they have hurt like a bitch! I also realized that i can no longer eat caramel apples LH (no big deal really).

So today my cousin came over so i can teach her the basics of Photoshop and out of no where we decide to go to the mall Lh. The only problem is how do we get there? My dad told us that we would have to take the city bus, and at that moment i realized that this would be a start of a new adventure Lh. So we go online to check out the bus routes, and luckily there was a route that took us straight over there. All we had to do is just walk down a couple of blocks to the nearest bus stop.

On our walk (I don’t know what possessed us to listen to this) we listened to Katy Perry’s song ET (oh man dislike LH), but we did and that was stuck in our heads through out the whole trip. We waited at the bus stop for about twenty minutes and the bus came. We got on the bus and that was when we knew that our adventure had just started.


We arrive at the mall, and finally got to see the new three story Forever 21. The new Forever 21 has a children, women, and men section which is a big upgrade compare to the last one. We walked up and down the escalators and finally after about eh… twenty minutes we left there Lh. After Forever 21 we went to Apple, Pac Sun, and Hot Topic. I really wanted to go to Hot Topic and check out their Harry Potter collection. They had everything but the cloak, which made me a bit upset Lh. But they had the wands and charms so we’re gonna go back and buy some. And when we do, there will be a full out battle in the mall on Segway, ¬†were pretty stoked about it LH.


So that was our adventure i know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was a pretty eventful in our eyes LHLH.

Brace Face?

Black Jesus! I’m getting braces! I am so glad to be getting braces, I will be getting them this Thursday and my teeth need them Lh, I’m not sayin’ they’re bad, but they definitely need them Lh. They said the whole procedure will take about two hours and my parents said I will not have to go to school that day, which ends Friday.


Summer vacation, oh how I am happy for you to be here. I Have worked so hard this year and i really hope that my Math final will go well tomorrow so i don’t go have to take a summer class. The last day for CART is Wednesday and I am going to miss that class, but I am totally ready for my new lab next year. I’m taking Multimedia Graphic Design and it is going to be awesome. The class has a production setting style, like, kind, Lh if that made sense. But it is supposed to feel like you are working in a place with deadlines and stuff like that related LH.