Monthly Archives: August 2011

Little by…

Little, I’m tryin’ to get this site back up to speed. I have got the portfolio section up, but not much has been added cause I have gotten rid of all of my old pictures and design. I’m now working on the CSS Article getting it updated and cleaning it up a bit. I will be soon adding some resources up like; PSDs, brushes, swatches, and more.

Black jesus

Instead of using one of my templates to create a new layout I decided to build one from scratch. I have not done that since the time i built that template i use LH. So it took a whole day just to remember what to do, plus I had to keep going back to WordPress for reference, but who doesn’t do that. I’m not done with it yet I still have a lot to do, I want this to be my biggest nieces layout that I have made.